Bago City, Philippines

City Name Bago City, Philippines
Project Name
Solid Waste Management as a Social Enterprise: Community-based 3R Approaches in Bago City, Philippines
Status Completed
Time Period November 2007- April 2008

Description of Project

This project is an extension of the solid wasrte management (SWM) initiative of Bago City government called KABAHIN KA program. City intends to strengthen the on-going program by adopting elements of good practices implemented in other cities in Asia Pacific region. Schools and households in Barangay Lag-asan, which has been awarded as one of the best performing communities in the KABAHIN KA Program, will serve as a pilot area for the project. Specifically, it aims to support the development of “mini-enterprises” for waste composting and recycling that will provide business and market opportunities for all stakeholders involved and to explore other activities related to waste reduction and management. The project also seeks to strengthen environmental awareness and cooperation among all members of the community, students, local government, private entities, NGOs and other stakeholders in the City. By doing so, it is expected to demonstrate multiple environmental and socio-economic benefits by expanding the successful outcomes of the City’s KABAHIN KA program.

Recent Activities


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