Cebu, Philippines

City Name Cebu, Philippines
Project Name To improve the overall urban environment with particular focus on river water quality and solid waste management
Status Completed
Time Period Dec 2004 to Aug 2005

Description of Project

Cebu, together with various stakeholders (Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Region 7; Pollution Control Association of the Philippines (PCAPI), Region 7; Mandaue City; Lapu-Lapu City; Kitakyushu City; NGOs; academia and industry), have begun preparations for a project entitled the “Metro Cebu Environmental Initiative”, which aims to improve the overall urban environment of the cities of Cebu, Lapu-Lapu, and Mandaue, i.e. Metro Cebu. Over the past years, Cebu City has conducted collaborative activities with a number of cities, including Kitakyushu City, in such areas as river clean-up, solid waste management, environmental monitoring, and introduction of cleaner production. These activities form the base of the Metro Cebu Environmental Initiative, which was inaugurated at the “Environmental Governance by Local Partnerships Seminar/Workshop on the Rivers of Metro Cebu” held in Cebu in February 2003.

The pilot project being carried out under the Kitakyushu Initiative focuses on the rehabilitation of the Guadalupe River, which has been identified as a critical issue due to lack of control of wastewater from industries and households, as well as solid waste collection and disposal. The project consists of the construction of the model wastewater treatment plant facility, environmental awareness seminars for the residents and technology transfer through training and technical assistance extended by Japanese experts to the community. The tangible outcomes of the project include the reduction in the amount of domestic pollution load going into the river and consequent reduction in pollution levels of the river water, increased level of awareness for conservation of the river and subsequent change in community behavior and capability building of residents and barangay officials through training in the operation and maintenance of the STP.

In order to improve the water quality of the Guadalupe River, a model community was identified and a plan for the establishment of a simple wastewater treatment facility (josako: one type of wastewater treatment facility developed in Japan) was considered. A preliminary field visit was conducted by experts on the potential construction of a small-scale wastewater treatment facility along the River. This study tour was organized in September 2003 during which experts from the Kitakyushu City visited four potential sites for a model plant and held discussions with local experts on the geographical condition of the candidate sites and the scale of the facility. In addition, discussions were also held with local industry personnel regarding procurement of local materials for construction of the facility.

In February 2004, a second study tour was organized and the location and the plant model of the jokaso were selected. Discussions on the construction of the jokaso were held with local experts and related organizations. The model sewage treatment plant project is to be constructed in Sambag 1, one of the thirteen barangays along the river. The facility is targeting the improvement of river quality and is mainly designed to treat household wastewater. In fiscal year 2003 and 2003, field visits were conducted by experts on the potential construction of a small-scale wastewater treatment facility along the Guadalupe River.

This project highlights visible improvement of the urban environment through the participation of stakeholders from all levels of society, as well as spotlights country-to-country collaboration at both the local and national levels (participation of cities from Japan and Philippines and national governmental representation from the Philippines) and is an effective model of interagency collaboration, with assistance provided from JBIC.

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