Chongqing, China

City Name Chongqing, China
Project Name Policy responses for urban air quality management 1991-2000
Status Completed
Time Period 2002, Three month study (IGES)

Description of Project

In cooperation with the City’s Environmental Protection Bureau, a pilot study was conducted by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) focusing on the history of Chongqing’s policy responses for urban air quality management from 1991 to 2000. The assessment demonstrated that, while significant improvement in SO2 concentration and rain acidity, as well as frequency of acid rain events, had been achieved in that period, major elements of successful policy intervention included (i) scientific approaches to environmental planning and pollution control, i.e. such as source assessment, regional prioritization and integration of pollution control and energy efficiency improvement policies and measures; (ii) strict enforcement of laws through command-and-control measures and participatory approaches, and (iii) extensive access to external resources, including financial and technical assistance from the national government and international institutions, both bilateral and multi-lateral. Chongqing is also considering the submission of a proposal focusing on the possible improvement of solid waste management practices through inter-city cooperation with Kitakyushu.

Recent Activities

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