Puerto Princesa, Philippines

City Name Puerto Princesa, Philippines
Project Name Vehicular reduction strategy for air pollution prevention and climate change mitigation
(Study conducted by the ICLEI Cities for Climate ProtectionTM)
Status Completed
Time Period 2002, Six month study (ICLEI)

Description of Project

This pilot activity, conducted by The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) under joint sponsorship of the Kitakyushu Initiative and the Cities for Climate ProtectionTM Campaign, targeted decreases in CO2 emissions and the development of air pollution countermeasures. The main source of GHG emissions in both the community and business sectors was identified as transportation. The three-wheeled taxi is the main vehicle of urban transport. Many of the three-wheeled taxis run on two-stroke engines, which is a major source of air pollution. Often, combined with shoddy maintenance practices, these vehicles are major causes of urban air pollution and noise problems. Congestion and traffic accidents are also contributors to this problem. Countermeasures taken by the city include rezoning to reduce congestion and provision of one day of rest for tricycle drivers. Through these countermeasures there has been a decrease in traffic congestion in the urban area, and a 650kg decrease in CO2, as well as 16% reduction of PM10, CO, and NOx. The pilot study identified the chances in legislation and enforcement of local transportation policies for vehicles.

Quantitative measurements were taken in (1) fuel consumption and cost reduction, (2) pollution emissions, and (3) government cost. In all these areas, it was assessed that effects were achieved vis-a-vis restrictions. In this case, not only did the effect accrue benefits for residents, taxi operators, the local government and other local actors overall, it was also in line with global environmental protection efforts. In the wake of this success, a pilot project is now being proposed, based on the assumption that there will be much more significant results if additional measures were introduced such as the restriction to inner-city taxi operation, reduction in the number of three-wheeled taxis, restriction in the area of operation, ban on two-stroke vehicles and vehicle use restriction based on emission tests. In view of the potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, it has been suggested that this is a promising area as a future CDM project.

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