Fifth Meeting


City Environmental Visions and Targets

To continue the legacy and achievements of the KI programme, the city network members were requested to present another set of environment visions by taking into account the lessons learned and information shared by the KI programme. The city networks were encouraged to support the vision with a target that could be achieved within a certain period of time and propose a new set of activities or action plans in order for the targets to be realized. As a response, 17 local governments presented their environmental visions during the 5th Kitakyushu Intiative Network meeting. These visions included a number of quantifiable targets particularly in the fields of solid waste management, air quality improvement, water management and river rehabilitation, climate change mitigation, environmental awareness raising and enhancement of inter-city environmental cooperation.

Dhaka City Corporation, BANGLADESH

Surabaya City, INDONESIA

Ooki Town, JAPAN
Ube City, JAPAN
San Fernando City, PHILIPPINES

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