Fifth Meeting


Session A: Sanitation and Low-cost Wastewater Management Systems Models

10 February 2010, 09:30-12:00

Session Introduction
Mr. Toshizo Maeda, IGES
A-1 Community-based Sanitation (SANIMAS) in Indonesia
Mr. Handy Legowo, Ministry of Public Works, Indonesia              
A-2 Nightsoil Management System in Nonthaburi Municipality, Thailand
Ms. Pornsri Kictham, Nonthaburi Municipality, Thailand
A-3 Development of Low-cost Domestic Wastewater Treatment System in the Rural Area of China 
Mr. Testsuo Kuyama, IGES

A-4 The Wastewater Treatment BOT Program in Weihai
Mr. Sun Pingyi, Weihai City, China

A-5 Myth, Miracle and Reality of Urban River Restoration: Experience on Taehwa River Development in Ulsan, Korea 
Dr. Changki Kwon, Ulsan Development Institute, Republic of Korea

A-6 Improvement of Water Supply System in Phnom Penh
Mr. Kazuya Kubota, Kitakyushu City

Discussion: Applicability of the model projects
Chair: Mr Toshizo Maeda, IGES,




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