Fifth Meeting


Session D: Energy and Air Quality

February 10, 2010: 13:00-14:50

Session Introduction
Ms. Kelly Hayden, ESCAP

D-1 Conceptual Framework and Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Brahmanand Mohanty

D-2 Environment and Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings of Dushanbe
Mr. Aziz Mansurov, Association of the Graduates of Tajik Technical University, Tajikistan

D-3 Large-Scale Implementation of Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Mr. Brahamanand Mohanty

D-4  Successful Initiatives to Improve Air Quality in the Philippines
Ms. Victoria M. Segovia, CAI Asia Centre

Discussion: Energy and Air Pollution and Potions for Scaling up
Chair: Ms. Kelly Hayden, ESCAP

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