Fifth Meeting


Session E: Long-term City Vision on Development and Environment

February 10, 2010: 15:10-17:00

Session Introduction
Mr. Hideyuki Mori, IGES

E-1 Puerto Princesa City A Model in Sustainable Development:  The City in a Forest
Ms. Jovenee Sagun, Puerto Princesa City, Philippines

E-2  Vision of Ecopolis Ulsan
Dr. Changki Kwon, Ulsan Development Institute, Republic of Korea

E-Climate Change Prevention Policy of the City of Yokohama
Mr. Toshikazu Takahashi, Yokohama City, Japan

E-4  Environmental Model City: Do You Kyoto?
Mr. Masanori Nakayama, Kyoto City, Japan

E-5  Future Vision of Minamata: The Eco-Model City
Mr. Eiji Kawano , Minamata City, Japan

E-6  Strategy for Sustainable Developement: Green Frontier Plan
Mr. Reiji Hitsumoto, Kitakyushu City, Japan


Chair: Mr. Hideyuki Mori, IGES

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