First Meeting

Organized by UNESCAP and IGES, in cooperation with the City of Kitakyushu, Japan; the Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan; and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Japan, the primary objectives of the Meeting included: (a) the facilitation of enhanced interaction among national and local governments participating in relevant activities, and international organizations, the donor community, and academia, among others; and (b) the formulation of a programme on further promotion of "inter-city cooperation" through the Kitakyushu Initiative Network. The Meeting marked the beginning of the implementation of core activities and potential expansion to other areas in the region.

Discussions at the Meeting focused on the establishment of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network, successful practices and challenges in urban environmental management, pilot projects and case studies in selected cities, enhancement of interaction among stakeholders, and future activities of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network. Details of those discussions can be found in the Conclusions and Recommendations.

A Joint Announcement was adopted to announce the inauguration of the Kitakyushu Initiative Network, with focus on: (a) the promotion of information exchange and sharing of experience among participating local governments; (b) provision of a platform for the transfer of technology and know-how packages, good practices and a successful municipal/regional model for sustainable development; c) assistance in preparing and implementing integrated and sustainable urban development plans and strategies with quantitative indicators; and d) linkages, catalysation and facilitation of international cooperation programmes to financially and/or technically support inter-city cooperation. Additionally, it was agreed that both financial and technical assistance should be facilitated through the Network for the local governments present at the First Meeting.

Related Documents

Title File
Conclusions and Recommendations 37.5KB
Joint Announcement 25KB
Participants List 34.5KB
Meeting Programme 28KB, 28.5KB

Meeting Proceedings

Proceedings are available upon request. Please contact the Kitakyushu Initiative Network secretariat by e-mail, fax, or telephone.
Topics in the proceedings include:

Title Organisation File
Opening Statement UN/ESCAP 74KB
Opening Statement City of Kitakyushu 21KB
Opening Statement Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan 21KB
Opening Statement Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Japan 19.5KB
Opening Statement IGES 20.5KB
Outline of the implementation of the Kitakyushu Initiative and the Kitakyushu Initiative Network UN/ESCAP 30KB

Session I

Local Initiatives in Urban Environmental Management I: Successful Practices

Title Organisation/Local Government File
Role of Successful Practices in the Implementation of the Kitakyushu Initiative IGES 27KB
To Improve the Structure of Energy and Control SO2 Pollution Chongqing (China) 272KB
Environmental Conservation Policy and Environmental Industry in Kitakyushu Kitakyushu (Japan) 34KB
Basic Situation on Ningbo's Construction of National Environmental Protection Model City and Prospects on Environmental Protection Task of Ningbo in the coming 5 years Ningbo (China) Please contact the secretariat for copy of this file (4.5MB)
Water Pollution Control in Weihai Weihai (China) 51KB
Mercury and Solid Waste Countermeasuress in Minamata Minamata (Japan) 35.5KB
Road towards Environmental Development and Removal & Modification Works of Key Pollution Enterprises in Dalian Dalian (China) 35.5KB
Reduction of Industrial Pollution in Ho Chi Minh City (Cleaner Production Project) Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) 73.5KB
Mitigation of a reclamation work for the conservation of nature Fukuoka (Japan) 27KB
Kampung Improvement Programme for Improving Low Income Urban Settlements Surabaya (Indonesia) 139KB, 38KB

Session II

Local Initiatives in Urban Environmental Management II: Challenges

Title Organisation/Local Government File
Current Situation of Air Pollution in Tehran with emphasis on District 12 Tehran (Iran) 39.1KB, 1.08MB
Waste Management in Lami Town, Fiji Lami (Fiji) 31.5KB
Solid Waste Management: Local Initiatives for Sustainable Communities Hetauda (Nepal) 436KB
Solid Waste Management in Kanpur Kanpur (India) 30.5KB
Promoting a Clean and Beautiful Environment in Sibu Sibu (Malaysia) 26KB
Current Situation in Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) 28KB
Environment-Related Study in Sri Lanka (Colombo) Colombo (Sri Lanka) 30.5KB

Session III

Implementation of Pilot Activities

Title Organisation/Local Government File
Pilot Activities in the Implementation of the Kitakyushu Initiative IGES 34KB
Feasibility Study for Solid Waste Management to Control Environmental Hazard & Pollution in Dhaka City Corporation Dhaka (Bangladesh) 47.5KB
Building a Modern International and Ecological Port City / Brief Introduction to Ningbo Hazardous Waste Disposal Center Ningbo (China) 21.5KB, 38.5KB
Metro Cebu Environmental Improvement Project Cebu (Philippines) 226KB
Urban Sustainable Development in Nakhon Ratchasima and Implementation of Pilot Project of the Kitakyushu Initiative Korat (Thailand) 979KB
Clean Environment in Nonthaburi: Pilot Project for Maximizing Recycling and Minimizing Waste in Philbulsongkrom Village Nonthaburi (Thailand) Please contact the secretariat for copy of this file (51MB)

Session IV

Partnership & Outreach

Title Organisation/Local Government File
Urban Environmental Management in China China 96.5KB
Experiences of Local Environmental Initiatives Iran 26KB
MOE's Efforts for Capacity Building of Local Governments Korea 32KB
Implementation of Local Agenda 21 in Thailand Thailand 26.5KB
ADB's Activities in Urban Environmental Management ADB 32KB
Collaboration with Inter-city Cooperation and ODA Loans JBIC 23.5KB
JICA Activities and the Kitakyushu Initiative JICA 489KB (Powerpoint)
Conference on International Cooperation for Sustainable Development City of Kitakyushu 27.5KB
Brief Introduction to UNEP/IETC UNEP/IETC 24KB

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