Thematic Seminars

With changes in economic development and lifestyles, the challenges faced by cities have compounded which can be witnessed in the increase of waste, difficulties in responding to increasing demand on urban infrastructure, and increasing health and mortality rates. Seminars were developed to obtain an understanding of the current state of the environment in local governments in the Asia-Pacific region and to provide a forum for the exchange of information on local environmental practices, both successful and unsuccessful. These seminars were organised to facilitate discussions on the transferability and applicability of successful practices to other cities, as well as the development and implementation of suggested policies and related activities. The topics for thematic seminars were selected based on research conducted in the region, which identified these areas as critical and based on the demand of the local policymakers.

KI Thematic Seminars:

13-14 Dec 2004 7th Thematic Seminar: Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Urban Environmental Management Bangkok, Thailand
2 Jul 2004 6th Thematic Seminar: International Cooperation for Local Initiatives (2 July 2004, Kitakyushu, Japan) Kitakyushu, Japan
20-21 Jan 2004 5th Thematic Seminar: Public Participation (January 2004, Kitakyushu, Japan) Kitakyushu, Japan
27-28 Aug 2003 4th Thematic Seminar: Industrial Relocation (27-28 August 2003, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
20-21 Feb 2003 3rd Thematic Seminar: Urban Air Pollution Management (20-21 February 2003, Bangkok, Thailand) Bangkok, Thailand
4 Nov 2002 2nd Thematic Seminar: Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment (4 November 2002, Beijing, China) Beijing, China
19-20 Sep 2002 1st Thematic Seminar: Solid Waste Management (19-20 September 2002, Kitakyushu, Japan) Kitakyushu, Japan

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