4th Thematic Seminar: Industrial Relocation (27-28 August 2003, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

The fourth thematic seminar on industrial relocation, organised by UN/ESCAP, the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, IGES, and Ho Chi Minh City, was held on 27-28 August in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), which is engaged in industrial relocation and has made considerable progress in this area. Industrial relocation has been and continues to be practiced in countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with successful practices in countries such as Japan, China, and Korea. Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam has been engaged in the relocation of industries over the past year, with considerable progress made. In the last three thematic seminars, a number of cities presented information on their most critical environmental issues and good practices in solid waste management, public-private partnerships in urban water, and urban air quality management. These seminars provided a forum for the free exchange of information, experiences, and technologies. To further enhance the activities of Ho Chi Minh City and build capacities of local governments, this seminar will provide a forum for open discussions on industrial relocation in cities having both successful and unsuccessful experiences in this area. Discussions focused on:

  • Experiences in selecting type of industries to be relocated
  • Steps to carry out relocation programme
  • Incentives or supporting policies
  • Sector focus (total urban planning, air/water/noise/other, technology improvements)
  • Governmental assistance: structures/frameworks to promote policies, financial incentives (MBIs, subsidies, taxes), buying/selling land (mediation, consulting), construction (factories, residential areas, treatment plants, access roads), technology (seminars, info dissemination, consulting, training); Brownfields (pollution treatment, development of area))

Seminar Output

  • Recommendations to Ho Chi Minh City in the progress of their pilot project on industrial relocation
  • Evaluation of industrial relocation cases in cities in Asia-Pacific region

Seminar Objectives

  • Open discussions on successful and unsuccessful practices in industrial relocation
  • Communication with donor community and experts in industrial relocation.

General Information

Title PDF Word
Seminar Programme -- 50KB
Seminar Overview 52.9KB --
General Analysis 99.9KB --
Participant List -- 50KB
Paper and Presentation Guidelines -- 33KB


Title Paper
PDF Word
Summary of Polluting Industries Removal Program in Ho Chi Minh City 33.7KB 47.5KB
Environmental Pollution Situation and Industrial Relocation Program in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) 34.9KB 40.5KB
Industrial Relocation and Transformation in Dalian (China) 80.4KB 60.5KB / 757KB (PP)
Industrial Relocation Efforts to Minimize Environmental Pollution: Case Study: Ngagel Industrial Area (Surabaya, Indonesia) 50.5KB 55.4KB
Financial Mechanisms for Industrial Relocation (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam) 26.7KB 58.5KB
Industrial Pollution Countermeasures in Japan (Hiroshima Shudo University) 373KB 4.35MB
Relocation of Industries to Kanazawa Industrial Park (Yokohama, Japan) 644KB 3.19MB
The Experience of Industrial Relocation in Korean Cities, with special reference on Ulsan Metropolitan City 339KB 466KB
Sustainable Development of Shanghai Industries (Shanghai, China) 37.4KB 80.5KB
Strategies for Brownfield Development 639KB --
HCMC Industrial Zones Development and Relocation & Resettlement Situation 30.7KB 37.5KB

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