Local Initiatives Addressing Environmental and Socio-Economic Benefits: A Pre-event Workshop at the Better Air Quality Conference Inna Garuda Mendut Room, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 12 December 2006


The “Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment: “Local Initiatives Addressing Environmental and Socio-economic Co-benefits”, held on 12 December 2006, was organised by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), in cooperation with the Better Air Quality Secretariat. The workshop was organized as a pre-event to the 2006 Better Air Quality Conference (BAQ), organized by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) together with the Indonesian Ministry of Environment, Special Region of Yogyakarta and the City Government of Yogyakarta, which was held in the City of Yogyakarta, Indonesia from 13-15 December 2006.

The Kitakyushu Initiative pre-event was a one-day workshop and included the participation of representatives from relevant local governments, the private sector, NGOs and air quality management practitioners from the Asia-Pacific region to discuss local initiatives on air quality management with particular focus on the environment and socio-economic benefits derived from local experiences. Concrete examples included:

  • Emission reduction strategies for industrial and transport sector
  • Adoption of local policies based on the latest air quality control measures
  • Energy efficiency control measures
  • Formulation of clean development mechanism (CDM) projects
  • Air quality management modeling
The objectives of the workshop were to strengthen the capacity of local governments in integrating win-win approach to urban environmental management and socio-economic development and to promote the exchange of information and experiences around the cities in the Asia-Pacific region with regard to the multiple benefits of AQM initiatives adopted by local governments.

About BAQ

Better Air Quality (BAQ) conference is an international event that highlights the most relevant issues, practices and groundbreaking activities on air quality management in the whole Asian region. Since 1999, BAQ workshops have been successful in giving hundreds of policy makers from across the region the opportunity to explore new ways to improve and reduce air pollution in their respective cities and countries. It aims to exhibit the best practices on air quality management in the Asian region putting emphasis on the initiatives taken by non-profit organizations and private sector firms. It also facilitates policy dialogues and provide strategic knowledge platform for sharing best practices and disseminating different policy instruments, tools and technologies among Asian countries.


Expected outcomes from the workshop include the following:

  • Present case studies related to environmental and socio-economic co-benefits experienced with air quality management initiatives of local governments in the region
  • To discuss strategies in enhancing opportunities of multiple benefits of local air quality management initiatives, together with the requirements for national policy support
  • Develop possible demonstration projects in the region

Date & Venue

Date: 12 December 2006 / Venue: Inna Garuda Mendut Room, Yogyarkarta, Indonesia


Local level initiatives that address environmental and socio-economic co-benefits


Participants included local governmental officials, the private sector, NGOs, and practitioners who have experience in, or are planning, local air quality management projects.


The workshop will be organised by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), in cooperation with the Better Air Quality secretariat.


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Summary 37KB pdf
Concept Note 43KB pdf
Programme 49KB pdf
Participants List 19KB pdf

Documents File
Local Initiatives Addressing Environmental and Socio-Economic Co-Benefits (UNESCAP) Coming soon
The Kitakyushu Initiative Network Secretariat: Facilitation of inter-city cooperation and replication of good practices (IGES) 576KB pdf
Cheong-Gye Chon Restoration in Seoul, Korea (Seoul, Korea)
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Kitakyushu's Development Strategy Based on its Experience in Environmental Pollution Control (Kitakyushu, Japan) 1.4MB pdf
Revision of Local Transportation to Improve Air Quality (Surabaya, Indonesia) The file is too large for download. Please contact the Secretariat for copies
Air and Noise Pollution Reduction Strategies for Tricycle Sub-Sector in Puerto Princesa, Philippines (ADB) 277KB pdf
Mobilizing Local Investments for Ambient Air Quality (Baguio, Philippines) 488KB pdf
Air Quality Management in Weihai, China (Weihai, China) 117KB pdf
Khan-Uul District Energy Savings Project (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) 1.48MB pdf
Co-benefits of Climate Change (OECC) 490KB pdf

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