2nd Thematic Seminar: Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment (4 November 2002, Beijing, China)

The development of financial mechanisms for urban environmental improvement is an innovative direction that has been receiving increasing attention from local governments. Strategies are necessary to encourage public initiatives and promote private sector participation in financing urban environmental infrastructure. Towards this end, the second Kitakyushu Initiative thematic seminar will be organized to provide a forum for open discussions on the experiences, challenges and future plans of local governments on the theme of public-private partnerships, with specific focus on water supply and wastewater treatment.

This Seminar included the participation of representatives from 8 local governments in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as experts and representatives of the donor community.

This Seminar was held at the same time as the International Seminar on Financial Mechanisms for Environmental Protection (5 November) organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), the Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), and the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED), in which a number of international experts participated.

General Information:

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Seminar Overview 11.7KB 30KB
General Analysis 235KB 300KB
Seminar Programme 6.29KB 30KB
Participants List 8.59KB 24KB
Written Paper Guidelines 21.2KB 41KB

City Summaries & Reports

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City (Country) PDF File Word File
City Summaries 17KB 30.5KB
Beijing (China) 187KB 255KB (Powerpoint)
Yangon (Myanmar) 19.9KB 31KB , 37.5KB
Bangkok (Thailand) 19.6KB 52KB
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) 18.4KB 50KB
Macao (China) 20.2KB 20.1KB
Colombo (Sri Lanka) 28.8KB 68.5KB
Kathmandu (Nepal) 399KB 69.5KB , 82KB
(No graphics)
Weihai (China) 15.2KB 40.5KB

Supplementary Reports

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Developing Private Finance Initiatives / Public Private
Partnerships for Urban Environmental Infrastructure in Asia
-- 490KB
Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Water:
Experiences of Manila, Philippines
358KB 496KB

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