3rd Thematic Seminar: Urban Air Quality Management (20-21 February 2003, United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand)

he third thematic seminar, Kitakyushu Initiative Seminar on Urban Air Quality Management, was held on 20-21 February 2003 at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

Discussions focused on monitoring, transportation and industry, including policy making and implementation. Participants included representatives from Bangkok, Nonthaburi (Thailand), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dalian, Weihai (China), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Karachi (Pakistan), Tehran (Iran), Jakarta, Surabaya (Indonesia), Kitakyushu (Japan), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Kathmandu (Nepal), Sibu (Malaysia), and Kanpur (India).

A field visit was conducted by Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to an air quality monitoring station and emission checkpoint on 21 February (presentation (1.05MB)).

General Information

Item PDF file Word file
First Announcement 13.2KB 48KB
Seminar Overview 12.2KB 32.5KB
General Analysis -- 2.84MB
Seminar Programme 91KB --
Participant List 13.4KB --
Written Paper Outline 11.7KB 42.5KB

City Reports

Graphics may have been deleted from certain papers due to download times. Full papers are available from the Kitakyushu Initiative Secretariat upon request.

City (Country) Paper
PDF File Word File
Bangkok (Thailand) -- 137KB
Cebu (Philippines) 32.6KB --
Colombo (Sri Lanka) 375KB --
Hong Kong (China) -- 1.45MB
Jakarta (Indonesia) -- 568KB (Powerpoint)
Kanpur (India) -- 1.77MB
Karachi (Pakistan) -- 175KB
Kathmandu (Nepal) 34.6KB 76KB
Shanghai (China) -- 263KB
Surabaya (Indonesia) 345KB --
Tehran (Iran) 252KB --
Dalian (China) -- 243KB
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) 277KB --
Kitakyushu (Japan) 31.4KB 62KB
Nonthaburi (Thailand) 21.9KB 71KB
Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) -- 31.5KB
Weihai (China) 25.3KB 72KB

Supplementary Reports & Presentations: Presentations are large and may take time to download. File sizes are indicated below. If you are unable to download a particular report, please contact the Kitakyushu Initiative Secretariat.

Title & Author Paper / Presentation
PDF File Powerpoint
ESCAP (R. Sawhney) 9KB --
ESCAP (A. Khan) -- 166KB
IGES (H. Imura) -- 423KB
IGES (M. Memon) -- 102KB
Resource Person (A. Chiu) 1.2MB --
CAI-Asia (C. Huizenga) -- 240KB
Hiroshima University (S. Matsuoka) 342KB --
GET (N. Qadir) 88KB, 68.2KB --

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