Our Network Cities

The Kitakyushu Initiative Network (KIN) was established as permanent forum to strengthen inter-city cooperation and exchange of important lessons learned in urban environmental management. Participating cities in the Kitakyushu Initiative Network hail from UNESCAP member countries, the primary requirement for joining KIN is only that a city be willing to improve their environment and desire to share experiences with other cities in similar situations.

The following functions will be provided to participating local governments through the Kitakyushu Initiative Network:

  • Assistance in preparing and implementing integrated and sustainable urban development plans and strategies with quantitative indicators
  • Periodical monitoring of implementation and progress in terms of quantitative indicators
  • Promotion of information exchange and sharing of experiences among participating local governments
  • Provision of a platform for the transfer of technology, know-how packages, good practices and a successful municipal/regional model for sustainable development
  • Linkages, catalysation and facilitation of internal and external financial support to international cooperation activities of local authorities
  • Facilitation of capacity-building activities for environmental administration staff in participating local governments
  • Promotion of environmental education programmes in intercity cooperation
  • Encouragement of private enterprises to participate in infrastructure development and environmental quality enhancement programmes

Currently, the network is comprised of 62 cities coming from 18 countries in Asia and the Pacific region

United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Environment Section
Environment and Sustainable Development Division
United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Avenue
Bangkok 10200 Thailand
Email: escap-esdd-evs@un.org

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

Kitakyushu Initiative Network Secretariat
3-9-30 Asano, Kokurakita-ku
Kitakyushu City 802-0001 Japan
Email: kitakyushu-initiative@iges.or.jp