Privacy Policy of the IGES Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment Web Site:

Basic Premise

Information is collected from the IGES Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment web site users for the smooth operation of services (such as information provision) provided by the site.

Scope of Information Acquisition

The site automatically collects and stores certain information including internet domain names, IP addresses, and site access (i.e., date and time of access to the site and the pages visited). However, cookies (information transmitted from the server to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer for the server to identify users) are not used.

Purposes of Use

The information acquired will only be used in the operation of services provided by the site.

Limitations on Use and Provision

Except in cases of legal disclosure requests, illegal access, threats and other unlawful acts, or in other special circumstances, the information acquired will not be used by ourselves for any purposes other than those described in Clause 3, nor will it be provided to any third party. However, statistical information regarding access to the site and information on users' attributes may be publicized.


IGES takes the necessary measures to appropriately manage all information acquired, to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of acquired information.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The site does not collect names, birthdates or any other information that may identify individuals using the site.

Scope of Application

This privacy policy applies to the IGES Kitakyushu Initiative for a Clean Environment web site only.

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