Solid Waste Manatement

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Local Government Topic / Reports PDF Files Date of Inclusion
Nonthaburi (Thailand) Community related recycling initiative for solid waste management in Nonthaburi (Thailand) RISPO Good Practices Inventory March 2003
Dhaka (Bangladesh) Innovation in community-driven composting 62.1KB March 2003
Dhaka (Bangladesh) Innovative ways to promote community-based composting in Dhaka RISPO Good Practices Inventory --
Surabaya (Indonesia) Integrated sustainable approach to waste management 34.7KB March 2003
Successful Practices from 1st Thematic Seminar on Solid Waste Management* General overview and city analyses from the 1st Thematic Seminar on Solid Waste Management 18KB 2002
Bhopal (India) 7.21KB (Analysis)
47.9KB (Full report)
Cebu (Philippines) 7.45KB (Analysis)
293KB, 306KB (Full report)
Chongqing (China) 7.03KB (Analysis)
48KB (Full report)
Dhaka (Bangladesh) 8.28KB (Analysis)
21.7KB (Full report)
Fukuoka (Japan) 8.69KB (Analysis)
238KB, 29.5KB (Full report)
Kathmandu (Nepal) 10.4KB (Analysis)
47.3KB (Full report)
Kitakyushu (Japan) 7.78KB (Analysis)
46.6KB (Full report)
Macao (China) 7.44KB (Analysis)
350KB (Full report)
Nonthaburi (Thailand) 7.01KB (Analysis)
37.3KB, 50KB (Full report)
Surabaya (Indonesia) 7.91KB (Analysis)
25.8KB (Full report)
Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) 7.96KB (Analysis)
36.5KB (Full report)
Yangon (Myanmar) 7.55KB (Analysis)
46.6KB (Full report)

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