Urban Air Quality Management

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Local Government Topic PDF Files Word Files Date of Inclusion
United Kingdom Local air quality management RISPO Good Practices Inventory Revised September 2003
Bangkok (Thailand) Integrated urban air quality management RISPO Good Practices Inventory April 2003
Kathmandu (Nepal) Role of Government, private sector and civic society in promoting battery operated electric three-wheelers in Kathmandu, Nepal 84.8KB 105KB March 2003
Singapore De-coupling of urban mobility need from environmental degradation in Singapore 67.4KB 164KB March 2003
Chongqing (China) Sulfur dioxide (SO2) pollution control 25.3KB 516KB 2002
Guiyang (China) Strategies for air pollution control 27.3KB 63.5KB 2002
Kitakyushu (Japan) Coexistance of industry and community -- 153KB / 69.5KB 2002
Lanzhou (China) Special program on air pollution 31.6KB 59.5KB 2002

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